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Gestalt Readings

If you are interested in some of the Gestalt related books that inform the way I think about therapy, below are a list of books that I have found helpful.

Gestalt Therapy Integrated - Erving Polster.  This is a classic Gestalt text. The chapter on resistances is a stand out chapter. 

Gestalt Reconsidered - Gordon Wheeler. While Wheeler's writing is dense and takes some time to digest, he has offered a lot to help Gestalt theory evolve.  Of note is his chapter on reconsidering resistances as contact styles.

Body Process- James Kepner.  This classic text describes The Cycle of Experience, maps the resistances/contact styles onto the Cycle of Experience, and underscores how embodiment is relevant to well-being.

The Spell of the Sensuous - David Abrams.  One of the three pillars of gestalt theory is phenomenology.  The chapter reviewing Merleau-Ponty's work is probably the best and most user-friendly reads on phenomenology that I've come across. 

A Well-Live Life - Sylvia Fleming Crocker.  This is an excellent collection of essays about Gestalt theory. Essays II and II were the most noteworthy reads.  They do a good job of highlighting the wisdom, health, and adaptive nature of our resistances/styles of contact. 

The Voice of Shame - Robert G. Lee.   Chapters 1 and 2 of this book changed the way I understand what shame is and are noteworthy.

Gestalt Therapy: 100 Key Points - Dave Mann.  This is a good introductory text to gestalt theory. The chapters are short and easy to digest.

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