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The way I show up in the therapy space is informed by Gestalt theory.  What this means to me in practice can be summarized as follows:

  • I regard my clients (you) as whole human beings, not a set of symptoms or an illness.

  • I value multiple perspectives as valid and true.

  • I care about the past but believe that life happens in the present. It is in the present where we make change possible and tangible

  • I believe our feelings are our compass.  They emerge for a reason and can serve as a guide towards understanding our needs.

  • Having awareness of our needs and consistently making choices that are congruent with our needs are a critical part of achieving well-being.

  • Not having awareness of our needs, avoiding, or trying to "get rid" of our feelings can lead to getting stuck.

  • When we understand that well-being requires us to have the capacity to experience and understand all the feelings our bodies are wired to experience-- it means that the process of change requires us to encounter ​experiences/feelings that may make us uncomfortable.

  • Growth occurs when we make contact with what makes uncomfortable.

  • My goal as your therapist is to support you to encounter and engage with what is preventing you from embodying your fullest potential.  

If you are interested in understanding a little more about Gestalt theory and would like an annotated list of Gestalt readings that inform the way I practice, follow the link below.

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